Tereza of Naxos

White Dove Sculpture, Naxos Marble, H9.5

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Experience the subtle charm of the White Dove Sculpture, Naxos Marble H9.5—where art meets understated sophistication. This petite yet profound piece comes from the revered Naxos marble, promising durability and blending effortlessly with various interiors.

Gentle on the eyes, the sculpture's smooth texture and pristine white finish capture the essence of tranquillity. Embracing the legacy of Cycladic motifs, this dove reimagines classic themes with a contemporary touch, offering calm to any corner of your home.

The White Dove Sculpture isn't just pleasing to the gaze; its adaptability is part of its charm. Whether adorning a desk as an elegant paperweight, elevating the ambience of a reading nook, or even contrasting the spines on a bookshelf, it stands out with its distinguished texture and hue.

Opting for the White Dove Sculpture, Naxos Marble H9.5 is an investment in the lasting value of materials and artisanship. Add a symbol of peace and a hint of delight to your environment. When you’re ready, bring this serene treasure into your space to softly whisper elegance into the everyday.

  • Material: Naxos Marble
  • Weight: 0.285Kgs
  • Dimensions: W9.5cm, H9.5cm, D4.5cm