Tereza of Naxos

Cycladic Head, Spedos Naxos Marble Sculpture, H11.5

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Experience the eternal allure of ancient Greek art with the meticulously handcrafted Cycladic Head, Spedos Naxos Marble Sculpture, H11.5, carefully wrought from prized Naxos marble. Known for its unrivalled purity and breathtaking radiance, Naxos marble boasts a rich history. Its prestige stems from being the material of choice for the illustrious sculptors of Greece's Golden Age.

Drawn from the historic quarries of Naxos Island, this marble magnifies the brilliance and elaborate details of sculptures with its characteristic sheen and texture. The compelling attributes of Naxos marble help ignite the inherent magic of this piece.

The sculpture is a tribute to the grand lineage of Greek artistry, its elegant forms and masterfully carved features encapsulating the refined allure of ancient aesthetics. The pristine, effortless lines underscore the artist's mastery and the marble’s organic beauty and crystalline complexity.

More than a visually mesmerising artefact, the sculpture is a historical symbol that bridges the glorious past of Greece's Golden Age of art and the present day. This striking piece, representative of the unmatched craftsmanship of its era, pledges to infuse your space with tranquillity and a taste of Greece’s revered artistic tradition.

Embrace the exquisite handiwork, intricately carved from the richly coloured Naxos marble emblematic of the Cycladic Islands. This tribute to Greece's artistic heritage invites you to revel in the echoes of the Golden Age. Infuse your surroundings with this handcrafted masterpiece's sublime elegance and time-tested resonance.

  • Material: Authentic 100% Naxos Marble
  • Weight: 0.214Kgs
  • Dimensions: W4.5cm, H11.5cm, D4cm
  • Origin: Naxos