Tereza of Naxos

Cycladic Art, Head of a Figurine, Spedos, Naxos Marble, H16

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Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of ancient Greek art with our handcrafted Cycladic Art, Head of a Figurine, Spedos, Naxos Marble, H16, fashioned from the esteemed Naxos marble. Revered for its exceptional purity and captivating luminosity, Naxos marble has a storied history, having been the preferred material of the celebrated master sculptors of Greece's Golden Age. Sourced directly from the storied quarries of the Cycladic Islands, this marble is renowned for accentuating sculptures with its radiant quality and intricate details.

This sculpture is a testament to classical Greek artistry, with its graceful contours and finely carved features that embody the elegance and sophistication of ancient aesthetics. The sculpture's clean, flowing lines highlight the artist's skill and the natural beauty and crystalline nuances of Naxos marble, bringing to life the material's inherent charm.

As a piece that bridges the past and the present, this sculpture is not merely an object of visual allure but a piece of history that echoes Greece's glorious Golden Age of art. It is a striking example of the unparalleled craftsmanship of that era, promising to infuse any space with a sense of serenity and time-honoured beauty.

Let this exquisite sculpture, hewn from richly-toned Naxos marble of the Cycladic Islands, celebrate Greece's heritage of artistic excellence. Indulge in the legacy of the Golden Age, and allow this handcrafted masterpiece to transform your environment with its sublime elegance and historical resonance.

  • Material: 100% Naxos Marble
  • Weight: 0.497Kgs
  • Dimensions: W7cm, H16cm, D5cm
  • Origin: Naxos, Greece

Discover the magic of Cycladic Art with the Round Spedos Figurine, Handcrafted from Naxos Marble. Order today, and let culture shape your living space.