Tereza of Naxos

Cycladic Sculpture, Naxos Marble Female Figurine H18.5

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Returning in time with the mesmerising beauty of our Cycladic Female Figurine Sculpture H18.5. Handcrafted from smooth Naxos marble, this elegant figurine provides a window into the minimalist aesthetic of ancient Greek art.

The female figure's slender proportions and folded arm stance reflect techniques perfected by Cycladic artisans over three millennia ago. Sculpted to balance realism with geometric abstraction, she embodies the sophisticated simplicity these ancient Greek artefacts are renowned for.

This authentic Naxos marble piece highlights the Cycladic civilisation's mastery of shape and form. The figurine's flowing curves and shapely silhouette speak to the Cycladians' appreciation for feminine beauty and fertility.

This sculpture allows you to possess a slice of the ancient Aegean world. Cycladic figurines like this one captivated modern artists like Picasso, affirming the timelessness of their abstract style. This marble woman also retains an air of mystery, leaving the meaning of these idols open to interpretation.

Display this elegant Naxos marble figurine from ancient Greece and marvel at its minimalist form. With its sophisticated material, it embodies the very best of Cycladic art and fertility goddesses. Let it transport you to an ancient world where abstract geometric beauty prevailed.

  • Material: 100% Naxos Marble
  • Weight: 0.109 Kgs
  • Dimensions: W3cm, H18.5cm, D2.5cm
  • Origin: Naxos, Greece