Tereza of Naxos

Trojan Horse in Black

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Rediscover a timeless classic in your home with our meticulously crafted 'Trojan Horse in Black'. This unique artefact, designed with extraordinary precision, not only represents the apex of ancient Greek artistry but also serves as a lasting symbol of strategic genius and subtle deception.

Our 'Trojan Horse in Black' is a masterwork of creativity and historical significance, honouring one of the most daring stratagems in recorded history. With its intricate detail, this emblematic piece revives the legendary wooden horse that was pivotal to the legendary downfall of Troy.

Introducing this artefact into your home means welcoming a beautifully designed décor item that carries a narrative laden with suspense, bravery, and the ingenious tactics of ancient warfare. A magnificent fusion of traditional craftsmanship and historical majesty, our handcrafted Trojan Horse will be a compelling addition to your décor, effortlessly enhancing your space and stimulating captivating discussions.

Embrace the opulence of the past with our 'Trojan Horse in Black', the ideal choice for those who value history, art, and intellectual acumen.

  • Material: Clay
  • Weight: 0.196KGs
  • Dimensions: W13cm, H11cm, D7cm
  • Made in Greece