Tereza of Naxos

Ebru Ionic Column in Turquoise

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Experience the grandeur of bygone Athenian artistry with our exquisitely handcrafted 'Ebru Ionic Column in Turquoise'. This esteemed work of art, masterfully hand-painted by skilled local craftsmen using the mesmerising Ebru technique, seamlessly blends the age-old stories of Greek antiquity with the vivid aesthetics of the present day.

Our 'Ebru Ionic Column in Turquoise' is a salute to the iconic Ionic style of classical Greek architecture, celebrated for its grace and symmetry. This intricate, handcrafted masterpiece embodies the wide-ranging chronicles of Greek history and the enduring magnificence of its architectural wonders.

This piece includes enticing turquoise shades and intricate Ebru motifs, representing a dynamic intersection of history, architecture, and modern design. It is a striking centrepiece in your room decor, radiating elegance, stability, and ageless beauty synonymous with the classical Ionic order.

Perfect for history buffs, architecture aficionados, and home decor experts, the 'Ebru Ionic Column in Turquoise' seamlessly shifts from being a conversation piece to a refined artistic element that infuses the majesty of ancient Greece into your living space. Incorporate this captivating art piece into your collection today, bask in the charm of art that transcends epochs.

  • Weight: 0.389 Kgs
  • Dimensions: W6cm, H14cm, D6cm
  • Made in Greece